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Text of the letter:

Dear Grace,

Happy Easter! I spent a lot of time arranging this special treat just for you and boy, am I tired! You have a lot of egg searching and candy eating to look forward to today!

Think about how great it felt to wake up this morning and see this wonderful gift. If you can imagine, it was even better on the very first Easter, when Jesus' disciples woke up and found that Jesus had risen from the dead and redeemed them of their sins.

The great thing is that we can all still feel that happiness and joy by remembering that Jesus redeemed our sins too and that he loves us very much! That's why you get all dressed up and go to church before you start eating all that candy. You have to say thanks to Jesus first!

You probably have a big day ahead of you, so remember not to eat all that candy at once, or you won't have any leftover tomorrow!

As for me, I'll be snoozing in my bunny burrow. I had a long night! Thanks for leaving out a carrot for me. It gave me the great eyesight to leave you some eggs in very tricky spots. Let me know if you find them all!


The Easter Bunny

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