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Easter Bunny Letter Community Egg Hunt

Text of the letter:

Dear Pat,

Happy Easter! Thanks so much for coming out to the community egg hunt! It's such a fun tradition, and the folks who put it on love seeing the look on kids' faces as they discover the eggs.

I hope you found a nice amount of eggs! I'm proud of how gentle and patient you are with the smaller kids. And You are so clever - it's hard to hide eggs that you can't find.

Well, I am exhausted! Not only do I have eggs and Easter baskets to deliver on Easter Day, but I need to plan for the hunts in cities and towns all over the world. I love it, though.

I'm going to hop off down the Bunny Trail, back to my workshop. Please enjoy your treats and Easter dinner and have a special day with your family. I'll be back next year!

Your friend,

The Easter Bunny

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