Printable Letters From The Easter Bunny and Easter Coloring Pages
Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Rules

Text of the letter:


LISTEN UP! Sorry, I don't like to yell, but I know that you are all really excited to start looking around the house and yard to find your Easter eggs. I know the thought of all that candy is making you a little antsy.

Before you begin though, you need to have some rules, and as the Easter Bunny, it is my duty to be the official referee of this Easter Egg Hunt! I want it to be fair for everyone involved so that no one feels left out or gets in a fight. Let's all have fun!


1. No picking up eggs until one of the adults says you can start. If you've already spotted a few, good job! Keep your eye on them, but no cheating and starting early.

2. Let the younger kids get the easy ones. Some eggs are hidden in clever, hard-to-reach spots for the big boys and girls. Some eggs are on the ground. If you're older, leave the easy ones and go put your skills to good use!

3. No fighting! Sometimes you may notice that another kid has spotted an egg at the same time as you. While it might not seem fair to give it up, remember that today is about family and sharing. Take the egg to a grownup or decide who gets it by looking to see who has fewer eggs in their basket.

4. Stay inside the boundaries. The adults will tell you where you can look. If you're outside, don't go wandering into the street. If you're inside, stay out of closed bedrooms and other out-of-bounds places.

5. Have fun! I left lots of eggs, so there should be plenty to go around. I had a lot of fun hiding them, so I hope you have fun finding them!

Your Friend,

The Easter Bunny

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